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High scalability through integrated data management

More power in digital processes through intelligent and integrated data management

Switching to digital work and digital processes also means learning to deal with the multitude of data and making the most of existing tools.

When it comes to workplace 4.0, a rethink is necessary on all sides, at the company itself and at the providers of these digital tools. The data flow in the company should be as continuous as possible - and simple for the employees.

The JobRouter® digitization platform offers more. More ease-of-use for employee acceptance, more agility to meet all company requirements and more efficiency for fun at work!

The rapid integration of the JobRouter® platform into any corporate structure is our top priority. This is how we ensure that JobRouter® users immediately benefit from the advantages of digitization and experience the added value of digital tools. Scalability and connectivity are not phrases for us, but the essence of modern work. We then develop our technology further and take it to the next level.

Axel Ensinger
Axel Ensinger
JobRouter AG

Data is the new gold!

We know from experience that business processes are controlled on the basis of data. Around 70 percent of these processes access master data such as cost centers and customer or supplier data. Previously, these had to be maintained by the IT department or were the responsibility of the process designer. This is not only time-consuming, it also puts a strain on resources and creates overloaded processes. JobRouter® offers an alternate approach with various functions and modules to make data processing across departments and systems more convenient:


Simple, fully integrated master data management with JobData

With the JobRouter® JobData module, users from specialist departments can now maintain their master data even without database knowledge. This is made possible by an intelligent rights and role system and the seamless interface between JobRouter® platform and database.

With JobData you can either create new tables, use existing ones or import and export table structures and all data sets via Excel - ready for further processing or for exchange between systems.

JobMind Head - Automatic readout of invoice information

Increasingly, invoices are received or sent electronically. To enable smooth digital invoice processing, JobRouter® offers the JobMind Head module.

JobMind Head automatically reads out all header data of an invoice and transfers the determined data directly to a JobRouter® process. Information such as invoice number, invoice date, order number and invoice amounts are determined.

JobOrder Match - Intelligent invoice & order matching

It is often difficult to maintain an overview. Does the invoice correspond to the goods or services ordered, is a product missing or are there discounts that have not been taken into account? The digitalization of accounts payabel invoices makes things easier, but often the comparison is still carried out manually - and in the worst case this costs more than just time.

The JobRouter® module JobOrder Match makes it possible to assign items of an incoming invoice to match items of a purchase order or goods receipt. As an assignment dialog, it works with extracted header and line-item data from the recognition of OCR systems.

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