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Efficient data management with JobData

Forget Excel tables - Make the most of your digital master data

Digitization creates efficiencies if data is optimally managed, analyzed and processed accordingly. But why isn't this the rule?

The more different tools, systems and applications are integrated in a company, the more difficult it becomes to synchronize the distribution of information and to provide data without media discontinuity. When that happens, efficiency, transparency and traceability are lost. JobRouter® closes this gap and acts as a connective platform between the IT infrastructure to connect third-party systems as well as databases and employees. This allows data to be exchanged more effectively and made available in any process.

JobRouter® data management key features

  •     Creation and editing of tables via the JobRouter interface
  •     No database knowledge necessary
  •     Excel import and export of data sets
  •     Administration of tables in any databases
  •     Create tables with any number of columns
  •     Simple data maintenance via the JobData maintenance dialogs
  •     Reduces burden on resources and administrators
  •     Integration into the JobRouter® rights system
  •     Access and maintenance of tables without the use of additional tools
  •     Logging of all actions and changes
  •     Check for changes when saving
  •     Selection lists with fixed values
  •     Regular Expressions for Field Validation

Manage your master data company-wide with JobRouter® & JobData

We know from experience that business processes are controlled on the basis of data. Around 70 percent of these processes access master data such as cost centers and customer or supplier data. Previously, these had to be maintained by the IT department or were the responsibility of the process designer. This is not only time-consuming, it also puts a strain on resources and creates overloaded processes. With JobData, users from specialist departments can now maintain their master data without database knowledge. This is made possible by an intelligent rights and role system and the seamless interface between the JobRouter® platform and the database.

Efficient, integrated data management with JobRouter®

With JobData, JobRouter® offers a module that performs these tasks easily via the user interface. Administrators and process designers can create any numbr of tables and define which users have access to view, create or maintain data. All functions are seamlessly integrated into the user administration and rights system of the JobRouter® platform. This makes data management even more efficient. You can either create new tables or import and export new data records via Excel into existing table structures. These can be processed immediately or synchronized with the corresponding systems. This makes work much easier for process designers.

Automation made easy: The JobData system activity

With the JobData system activity, you can easily integrate your JobData tables into your processes without needing database knowledge. Functions such as adding, changing and deleting records are easy to select, and JobData fields are just as easy to link to workflow data.

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