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JobRouter® Solution Template

Digital Employee Onboarding

  • (Europe/Berlin)

Experience in our live webinar how you can manage employee onboardings completely digitally and improve employee satisfaction as a result.

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Advantages of the JobRouter DPA Platform

7 benefits that will make you competitive

  • (Europe/Berlin)

Linking all processes, data & documents with one Digital Process Automation platform. Sounds good? But what is truly the big difference between our approach and a million other digitalization tools? See the difference for yourself in our live webinar.

Speed up your journey to the Digital Office

JobRouter® Solution Templates - QuickStart to your digital transformation

  • (Europe/Berlin)

JobRouter® Solution Templates map popular standard processes in such a way that they can be used directly and also adapted to your company requirements. Experience it for yourself in our live webinar.

Sign simply and securely by using an electronic signature

JobRouter® Solution Templates: electronic Signature

  • (Europe/Berlin)

Learn in our live webinar how easy to exchange PDFs and legally sign them within minutes. No matter whether a simple, advanced or even a qualified signature is required, all these signature types can be carried out with the JobSignature template without much effort.

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