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One platform, countless solutions

Process automation with JobRouter® can be different at any customer, but it will always boost your efficiency

Find your perfect fit with JobRouter8r) Digital process Automation and start creating your digital solutions for any business-size, unit or industry! Get inspired by our use case examples and success stories or experience JobRouter® live from the start

JobRouter® Application Scenarios: Stories Working with JobRouter® is always different

JobRouter® is always as simple or complex as you need it to be. Depending on the challenges you face, the platform offers you a different solution.

JobRouter® Solution Templates: QuickStart to digital transformation

Digital change is progressing fast - but we give you a choice of the pace at which you go!  Switch from analog to digital within just a few days with our topic-specific and industry-specific process templates: JobRouter® Solution Templates map popular standard processes in such a way that they can be used directly and also adapted to your company requirements.

JobRouter® Success Stories: Digital transformation has many faces

Working with the JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Platform is always different. Our customers and users present their stories about challenges and success.