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JobRouter & SharePoint

Go beyond the boundaries of SharePoint with comprehensive Workflow Management

Leverage your existing SharePoint investment by linking your SharePoint platform to enterprise-class streamlined and automated process management applications created using JobRouter®.

The JobRouter® Digital Process Automation platform connects SharePoint users with advanced intelligent workflows and  through a seamless SharePoint integration. JobRouter®advanced workflows and inboxes can be embedded in your company's SharePoint portals, and SharePoint lists may be displayed inside JobRouter® business processes.

Users, IT, department heads, and managers all love JobRouter®. It is a low-code, easy-to-use platform that combines tremendous flexibility with powerful business rules, intelligent forms and workflows, built-in audit trails, built-in simulation and testing, and a visual design and modeling engine that does not require dedicated developers.

The Digital Process Automation Platform JobRouter® reduces complexity and establishes digital processes, that reflect the whole company.

SharePoint users benefit from intelligent process flows and continue to work in their familiar work environment: They can start processes in JobRouter® or access their inbox without having to authenticate again. Workflows and inboxes enhanced with JobRouter® technology can be embedded in any company's SharePoint portals.

Via the SharePoint system activity it is possible to export, add, modify and delete data and documents from SharePoint into a JobRouter® process. This creates a central repository of business information in SharePoint and unifies access. Thus, JobRouter® delivers critical lean processes that can be quickly and easily adapted to changing business requirements.

Features and benefits:

  • Single sign-on to JobRouter®
  • Access all startup steps directly from SharePoint
  • Export, add, modify and delete data and documents from SharePoint
  • Display the entry box and edit steps
  • Automate complex processes
  • Integrate exceptions
  • Automate existing manual processes that involve creating, storing, and retrieving documents
  • Improved governance and reporting
  • End-to-end networking of systems and applications for more efficient business processes
  • Dynamic approvals
  • Complex parallel and sequential process routing/task distribution
  • Intelligent electronic forms
  • Support for document archiving and enterprise content management
  • Graphical process modeling and form designer
  • Module

    JobShare integrates JobRouter processes with SharePoint portals

    Start JobRouter® advanced workflows processes from your company's SharePoint portals and display SharePoint lists inside JobRouter® automated business processes.

  • Success Story

    Keeping business moving

    Medical Device manufacturer manages their supply chain parts inventory and critical measurement calibration schedules with the JobRouter Digital Process Automation platform.

  • Medical Diagnostics Maker Case Study | JobRouter & SharePoint fro intergated Digital Process Automation
    Success Story

    A safe formula for success. End-to-end control.

    Medical diagnostic company uses JobRouter to develop automated business processes for managing customer installation projects, IT support requests, and sales orders.

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