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One process automation platform - endless use cases

JobRouter® modules & system activities

Choose from a wide range of extendable modules and system activities to create your perfect digital transformation platform. Take only what you require now - and stay flexible for future developments.

The JobRouter® digitalization platform thrives on interaction with users and their individual digital processes. A large number of JobRouter® modules and system activities reduce users' monotonous and recurring activities and reduce the potential for errors. Your processes run error-free, traceable and exactly as you specify them.

JobRouter® modules automate all conceivable workflow scenarios

JobRouter® system activities are configurable functions or functions that run without user interaction, such as creating users or user roles and monitoring directories. They can also serve as interfaces to other systems. A number of system activities are already included in the basic JobRouter® application. In addition, it is possible to implement further system activities into the JobRouter® digitalization platform and to purchase additional modules.

With these additional modules and the already integrated system activities, the JobRouter® platform for Digital Process Automation solves all conceivable application scenarios.

JobRouter® modules for enterprise-wide process management

JobRouter® modules for agile document management

JobRouter® modules for data intelligence

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