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JobRouter - JobTimer Module

Keeping an eye on deadlines!

The JobTimer escalation module allows to set completion times in JobRouter and define actions related to those deadlines. Those deadlines can be defined on a process as well as a step level in minutes, hours or days.

Every user sees the due date that a step has to be processed by in their inboxes. Tasks that are overdue are marked in color to indicate that status. Missed deadline color status is visible to both the user assigned to the task and the process owner or supervisor.

In addition to the color status indicators, additional escalation actions can be set. Any number of reminder or notification email messages can be sent to users and supervisors as deadlines approach or are missed. It is also possible to set up tasks to be automatically assigned to another user or group of users if a deadline is missed. The text of the email messages and notifications can be individually customized. In the JobRouter Enterprise Version, messages can be automatically sent in the user’s preferred languages.

Typical JobTimer use cases

  • Automate process time-outs

    Automation is key to error-reduction! That's why escalations form the basis of every workflow management system and are a common requirement for processes with human interactions.

  • Set escalation limits

    They regulate how much time is available for a process so that it cannot take longer. As a result, extensive resubmissions or follow-up lists become a thing of the past.

  • Typical escalation actions:

    - alert a user, group of users, or manager
    - reassign task to another user or group
    - change task priority
    - notify another process

JobTimer offers the following features

  • Setting deadlines on process as well as step level
  • Missed deadlines are highlighted in color
  • Missed deadlines can trigger actions, e.g. send an email message or automatically reassign
  • Customized notifications are possible
  • The JobRouter Enterprise Edition allows translating notification messages into other languages
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