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Our Corporate Values

The core of our corporate culture is who we are and what we stand for.

For us at JobRouter AG, values mean principles and behaviors that always go alongside our work, whether it’s in working with each other, with customers, or with partners. These guidelines are our constant companions. We have internalized them, and they determine our current and future actions. No matter how different the people who work at JobRouter are, our values are similar: We stand for courage, cooperation, quality, self-responsibility, and appreciation. Our people are at the heart of our corporate culture and are of great importance to us.


For us, courage means leaving your comfort zone in order to develop, both individually, and for the company. In doing so, we are aware of the calculable risks, but take them in order to try out new methods. Courage requires that we make mistakes, allow them to happen, and learn from them by developing approaches and strategies for the future.


For us, cooperation means working as a team towards common goals – both within the company and with customers, partners, and suppliers. We pull together and this is what makes us successful. We meet as equals, accept each other’s decisions, and support each other.


Quality is when the results of our work meet or even exceed existing expectations. The focus here is on stability, reliability, and efficiency. We ensure this by scrutinizing expectations and guiding ourselves based on the resources available.


For us, self-responsibility means making conscientious decisions and taking responsibility for our actions, both positive and negative. We’re fully aware of the consequences of our actions. In terms of our cooperation with each other, self-responsibility also means that everyone shows initiative and moves tasks forward independently.


Appreciation shows itself in the form of being appreciative of ourselves or our colleagues and providing constructive feedback. Likewise, showing respect for personal strengths and weaknesses is an indispensable part of this appreciative behavior.

For us, this appreciation lays the foundations for successful teamwork and provides motivation at work – regardless of whether it concerns a person, their work performance, or a cause.

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