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JobRouter Management

We are on a digital quest: Connect processes, documents and data in one unique platform for your business success.

JobRouter Management

  • Axel Ensinger

    Axel Ensinger

    Co-CEO | Chief Product Officer

  • Marcus Nagel

    Marcus Nagel

    Co-CEO | Chief Channel Officer

  • Silke Etter

    Silke Etter

    Head of JobRouter Academy

  • Meltem Gönüllü

    Meltem Gönüllü

    Managing Director Turkey

  • Manuela Hülsiggensen

    Manuela Hülsiggensen

    Head of OOM Department

  • Benjamin Jakob

    Benjamin Jakob

    Head of Cloud Services

  • Wolfgang Kaden

    Wolfgang Kaden

    Chief Operating Officer

    JobRouter LLC

  • Johanna Karlberger

    Johanna Karlberger

    Head of People Management

  • Philipp Massonne

    Philipp Massonne

    Head of Finance

  • Romy Opitz

    Romy Opitz

    Product Manager

  • Ivana Savanović geb. Pejanović

    Ivana Savanović geb. Pejanović

    Team Lead Marketing & Communications

  • Christopher Rotermund

    Christopher Rotermund

    Head of Customer Care

  • Jasper Velders

    Jasper Velders

    UK & International Partner Manager

  • Stephanie Weidner

    Stephanie Weidner

    Country Manager D/A/CH

  • Stefan Weimann

    Stefan Weimann

    Product Manager JobRouter®

  • Filip Witczak

    Filip Witczak

    Country Manager Poland

  • Dirk Zweydinger

    Dirk Zweydinger

    Head of Professional Services

Supervisory Board of JobRouter

  • Sven van Berge Henegouwen

    Sven van Berge Henegouwen

    Head of Supervisory Board

    Main Capital Partners DE

  • Thomas Senger

    Thomas Senger

    Supervisory Board

    gr8ventures GmbH

  • Fritz-Jochen Weber

    Fritz-Jochen Weber

    Supervisory Board

  • Charly Zwemstra

    Charly Zwemstra

    Supervisory Board

    Main Capital Partners NL

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