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JobRouter® mobile

The workplace has long since ceased to be a specific place. It's a good thing that JobRouter® is always at your side.

JobRouter® enables digital work when, where and how you want. The web-based platform is always available - both as a web application and mobile. Digital work couldn't be easier.

JobRouter® ScanApp

Document management – it’s all in your hand

The JobRouter® App offers great features for document management on the go. You can manage your travel expenses via the app, upload invoices or receipts and sync them automatically with your JobRouter® desktop process instance. Capture, edit and cache documents all with the tip of your finger!

Access to JobRouter® workflows from any place, at any time

Start new processes

Start new steps in the process with your smartphone and delegate pending tasks from anywhere.

Access your inbox

A quick look at your inbox shows you whether there are any new processes to be dealt with. You can upload pictures and documents for each process, so, for example, you can use forms to send photos of documents from your mobile device to a process.

Edit workflows

JobRouter® creates separate dialog boxes – which support the main input dialog box elements – optimised for mobile device screens. One particular feature is that you can set rules for mobile actions and therefore enable separate properties for actions carried out on desktop or mobile versions.