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JobRouter® App

The workplace has long since ceased to be a specific place. It's a good thing that JobRouter® is always at your side.

JobRouter® enables digital work when, where and how you want. The web-based platform is always available - both as a web application and mobile. Digital work couldn't be easier.

Edit all tasks, releases and documents in record time

With the JobRouter® app you always have access to your processes and documents. Thanks to the intuitively designed surface every user immediately feels at ease with it and is capable of creating new workflows or processing tasks assigned to him on any end device.

Tablet and smartphone mockup with app

Edit all tasks, releases and documents in record time

With the JobRouter® app you always have access to your processes and documents. Thanks to the intuitively designed surface every user immediately feels at ease with it and is capable of creating new workflows or processing tasks assigned to him on any end device.

JobRouter app inbox
JobRouter app inbox

Flexible workflow access from any end device

The mobile app offers access to your JobRouter ® inbox and always enables an overview of all workflow steps, which have been assigned to you directly or via a Job Function.

JobRouter app dialog

Get started digitally with the mobile JobRouter® low-code platform

Like you are already used to from your desktop environment, as of now multi-page dialogs and sections are also supported in the JobRouter® app. As a result of that, users can even create complex input masks.

JobRouter app dialog
Subtable in app
Subtable in app

Comfortable work with flexible subtables

It is particularly important to support subtables in the dialog to enable comfortable recording and editing of processes with position data, such as invoice lines or assignment lines. Of course, it is possible to format subtables for the display on smartphones, if needed.

Smartphone scan

Seamless integration: Document scanner and Document Hub

As of now, JobRouter® applications can start scan processes directly from the workflow dialog, which makes it easy to record one or multiple-page documents. These are attached automatically to the workflow and can be edited right away.

Smartphone scan
Document hub in app
Document hub in app

Document Hub – the intelligent cache

The JobRouter® Document Hub is a smart cache that enables the pre-recording of documents, which can be used subsequently in the workflow or stored long-term in an archive. The Document Hub offers different methods of document recording. You may either access already existing images and files on your smartphone or you can use the integrated document scanner to capture documents via the smartphone camera.

e-sign in app

Insert signatures and annotations on the route

JobMobile module required

Depending on the application, it may be necessary to sign documents on a mobile device, e.g. if the user has to approve a release or multiple persons have to sign in the context of an acceptance process. Therefore, the JobRouter® app provides a signature field, which can be integrated into the dialog repeatedly. Additionally, the annotation element enables users to create drawings or hand-written documentations, which can be attached to the workflow.

e-sign in app
QR code scan in app
QR code scan in app

Record documents „on the go“– thanks to the integrated barcode reader

JobMobile module required

The JobRouter® app provides a barcode reader for deployment scenarios related to the recording of receipts or other cases of use in the logistics. It enables users to record and read barcodes from the dialog via the camera of the device. Of course, all current 1D & 2D barcodes are supported to enable all possible scenarios.

A selection of possible applications

  • Straße

    Travel expense accounting

    Save valuable time in the course of recording your travel expenses. By means of the integrated document scanner you can scan and prerecord receipts directly with the camera of your smartphone – either to submit them directly or just to be able to gain access to them subsequently after handling
    your travel expense accounting.

  • Rechnung

    Mobile release

    One of the most common applications is the process or document release. Via mobile access it is possible to obtain releases much faster and reduce process runtime.

  • Smartphone

    Incoming mail

    By means of the JobRouter® app all participants of the process can edit their incoming mails anywhere and anytime.

  • Krankmeldung

    Sick leave notification

    The mobile sick leave notification offers two great advantages for your company: On the one hand employees can send an absence notification to their employer directly and independent of their location, on the other hand it is also possible to capture and attach the certificate of incapability, issued by the doctor, immediately and directly.

  • Männer handschlag


    The digital onboarding of employees saves time and corresponds with the current requirements of the employees. With the onboarding app, new employees can receive information and important documents, which they have to sign, even before their first working day.

  • Mann mit Helm und Tablet


    A typical application for the JobRouter® app is the documentation of a service or product acceptance through an employee on site at the customer premises. This can be e.g. the acceptance of an installation or repair work, or the documentation of a customer meeting.

  • JobRouter® Mobile tablet

    Inspection and control

    As part of diverse certifications and legal regulations, the performance of regular controls and inspections are mandatory, for example for fire protection or samples from incoming goods. With the JobRouter® app it is very simple to map such checklists and start these processes automatically and regularly.

  • Mann und Frau am Tablet

    Sales force/customer service

    It is possible to digitalize tasks for customer service fast and efficiently. Thus you can avoid paper forms and benefit from the digital checklist.

  • Frau zeigt Führerschein

    Driver’s license verification

    Employers equipping their employees with company cars are, due to liability reasons, obligated to check, if the respective driver still holds a currently valid driver’s license. In the course of a driver’s license verification it is possible to send a request to take a picture or scan via the JobRouter® app directly to the employee.

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