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JobRouter® 5 – New features of JobRouter® Digital Process Automation

The JobRouter® 5 release of our Digital Process Automation platform is not only smarter and more intuitive, we have also greatly revised the look & feel. The focus is on the next generation of low-code process design: more intuitive, more user-friendly, faster! As well as optimized performance, new document management functions and the networking of powerful process automation with flexible document management on mobile devices.
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JobRouter® 5.1: New function in the JobViewer 2 module

With the latest JobRouter® 5.1 release, we have improved existing modules and extended the functionalities. Show details

JobRouter® Mobile: Everywhere. Anytime. Always available.

With the JobRouter® App you can access your processes and documents from anywhere. Show details

Microsoft Office: Edit documents jointly in the JobRouter® digitization platform

With the latest JobRouter® 5.1 release we have created a way for you to integrate Microsoft Office into your digital processes. Show details

Connection of Zapier in the JobRouter® digitization platform

With the latest release and JobRouter® 5.1, we have created a connection to Zapier to provide you with interfaces to over 2000 apps at a stroke! Show details

JobRPA: Innovative process automation with bots

You want to digitize business processes continuously? Then JobRPA is the solution: The module allows JobRouter processes to be extended to include Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Show details

Webinar Recording | RPA meets DPA

How to speed up your digital processes with bots Show details

Digitize your Accounts Payable Processes: Enter, check & release invoices with JobRouter®

Accounts payable involves many steps and different people and departments. It is therefore often difficult to implement the approval process efficiently and to achieve (digital) added value. Show details

Digitize employee onboarding! Digital & structured work with JobRouter® at any time

New employees are an enrichment for your company. The Solution Template Employee Onboarding helps you with a structured onboarding process to integrate them quickly into your company. Show details

Digitize business trip request: Initiate, manage and approve requests digitally with JobRouter®

Manage all business travel enquiries efficiently and totally digitally: you record, check and book the enquiries completely digitally and receive exactly the information that is relevant for decision-making! Show details

JobRouter® Roadshow: Digital Process Automation in action

Enterprise digitization has never been so easy: digitize and automate business processes - with little programming effort! This works with the JobRouter® digitization platform. True to the annual motto "Scale your Success", we want to find out together with you how you can profit permanently from an efficient digital strategy. Show details

Legally binding electronic signature with JobRouter Sign

JobRouter now offers an integrated solution for the conclusive electronic signing of documents. With JobRouter Sign, JobRouter users can now digitally asign evidence anywhere, at any time and on any device. Show details

Digitization in logistics: Gartner relies on JobRouter® digitization platform

20 locations in 9 countries, 3450 employees worldwide and more than 30,000 truck road transports per year: GARTNER, the leading private transport company in Austria, relies on the JobRouter® digitization platform for its digital strategy. Show details

We are JobRouter – The digital experts

Digitization - Everyone talks about it, we at JobRouter bring it into the company! We are experts in digital transformation and are constantly developing our powerful digitization platform further: As true digitization enthusiasts we are always at the pulse of time and looking for exciting new technologies to make everyday-work even better. Show details

JobRouter Partner Conference 2019: Digital Process Automation | Scale your Success

The JobRouter® Partner Conference is the perfect day to exchange ideas with the software company, partners and industry experts and get a glimpse behind the technology. In 2019, the focus was on the trend topic of Digital Process Automation, the advantages over a classic Business Process Management or Document Management approach, as well as the Robotic Process Automation digitization method for a scaling and sustainable business model! Show details

Digitally submit, manage and track travel expense reports at any time

In addition to business trip requests, travel expense accounting is one of the most complex processes for employees. Show details

JobRouter® mobile - Manage digital documents now even more easily

The web-based JobRouter® digital process automation platform enables digital work anywhere, anytime and from any device. Users can choose whether they want to use the web application and access the mobile client or switch to the JobRouter® App for iOS and Android with to digitally manage their documents. Show details

JobRouter® Partner Conference 2018

The annual sales partner conference of JobRouter AG in 2018 was all about movement and change. Show details

JobRouter Digital Conference 2018 - Digitization on the road to success

With the annual JobRouter Digital Conference we offer best practices, workshops, expert lectures and technical DeepDives to users and interested parties of the JobRouter® digitization platform to meet the requirements of successful digitization projects in the best possible way. Our motto: From practice for daily use - on the road to digitization success! Show details

JobRouter® – Low-Code Digital Transformation Platform

We at JobRouter believe that only a combination of increasing powerful functionalities and minimizing the effort of accessing them will boost your digital business transformation. That’s why we have combined enterprise-wide Workflow Management, agile Content Management & Integrated Data Management with AI & Machine Learning features in one cutting-edge platform. With the help of our scalable platform technology, you can develop customized process applications for your enterprise, kickstart your digital potential & do much more with much less programming effort. Show details

JobRouter Construction Works #3 – We’re done

If you have been following JobRouter’s recent activities, you have seen us building and designing our new office floor in Mannheim! A few weeks later, we are officially done with our construction work: Additional 800qm give room for collaboration, cooperation, gaming & cooking! We are extremely proud of our future competence center – the JobLunch kitchen! Show details

Case Handling – Helpdesk Ticketing Solution

The JobRouter® digitization platform offers a feature-rich ticketing system that can be quickly and inexpensively installed as a ready for use app and further adapted to company requirements. Whether case management, support requests or internal project handling - with JobTicket you can start to work digitally in just a few hours: In a classical dashboard via inboxes and baskets or agile with the user-friendly Kanban board. Show details

Automated Contract Management: Manage contracts digitally

Stop administrating contracts – manage them! Analogous processes and manual overhead can be frustrating, especially when managing your contracts! JobRouter® now offers standardized process templates that facilitate and accelerate the transition from analog to digital. Never miss a deadline again and keep track of all contract data. JobRouter® takes these tasks, executes them fully automatically and reminds users before it's too late. The scanned contracts, including all important metadata, are recorded and managed with the help of up to three role types: owner, controller, and viewer. Furthermore, JobRouter® reminds you in time of a pending automatic contract extension. As a result, you can no longer miss an important date or let contracts get lost. Last but not least: Within just a few hours, the template is ready to use! Show details

JobRouter Construction Works #1

There is a lot going on at #JobRouter headquarters these days! We have been #busy #busy #busy: The JobRouter family is growing and we have #designed #remodeled & #equipped more than 800 m2 to make room for our #developer #consultant and #support teams! If you didn't believe us before, watch the video now and see for yourself! Show details

JobRouter Digital Enterprise Transformation - Success Story BKF Myjnie & Ricoh

Process Automation & Digital Transformation with JobRouter - Success Story BKF System & Ricoh Show details

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