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In our blog we present stories about digital: Whether it’s news about our company & employees, digital trends, tips and tricks regarding our digital process automation platform or sneak peaks into our JobRouter® Academy – it is worth a read!

  • Digitalisierung in Krisenzeiten - JobRouter

    This is why digitalisation is so important in times of crisis

    Those who are now lagging behind in digitization are having a hard time: aside from schools and authorities, companies especially are trying to handle everyday life digitally during the 2020 crisis. We will show you three reasons, why digitization is so important for your company right now.

  • RPA meets DPA: Why you should combine both technologies

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Digital Process Automation (DPA) sound similar but they describe two different process automation approaches, which nevertheless optimally complement each other. We created this comparison for you so that you can see how you can benefit from the combined use of these two technologies.

  • Better signing of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) without paper

    The electronic signature is replacing signing on paper. Improve efficiency and add traceability to your confidential document workflows.

  • Let’s clean up the digitalization of your business processes!

    We have put together some basic tips for you to check your digitization platform in just 30 minutes and derive further measures from it!

  • From more efficient treasury management to consistently transparent processes: The JobRouter® platform gets you there

    Work even more integrated with your proven treasury management system from now on: Better data quality and utilization thanks to continuous networking!

  • System activities for JobRouter

    At the JobRouter Partner Conference, the JobRouter technology partners will introduce themselves with their products and services and their main topics. We present: Neffe Consulting with focus on SAP and OCR!

  • Sales & support out of one source

    At the JobRouter Partner Conference, the JobRouter technology partners will introduce themselves with their products and services and their main topics. We present: itarius UG!

  • Act smart!

    In the run-up to the JobRouter Partner Conference, the JobRouter technology partners will introduce themselves with their products, services, and their main topics. Click here: Insiders Technologies with smart input management!

  • For Jenny, software development at JobRouter had a certain "bow-wow" effect

    Jenny has been looking for her dream job as a software developer for a long time. She finally found it at JobRouter

  • Besa, how do you like the combined degree program at JobRouter?

    Our dual student Besa talks about her beginnings in IT and why she decided to study at JobRouter - instead of RWTH Aachen.

  • When technology becomes fascination

    You may not say it out loud, but gender equality is still a hot potato - not only for Hollywood.

  • Complete digitization projects efficiently with JobRouter®: 4 hot tips for process designers

    We asked our consultants how they could approach their digitization projects even more efficiently. The result is now available in our blog: Check out our daily hacks for process design with JobRouter®!

  • Stephanie's motivation for a career in IT? Steady development!

    One coffee is not enough: At the pace Stephanie sets as Country Manager & Mama, one or the other can get dizzy!

  • Digitalization: Shaping the platform approach

    It seems like everyone has the perfect solution for a certain problem, an application or a specialized service - and it is precisely from this that new difficulties have arisen. Over the years this fast implementation of various solutions has driven IT infrastructure into becoming a rugged, inefficient landscape.

  • For Kathrin, JobRouter application consulting is the perfect combination of IT and creativity.

    After a Bachelor degree in communication design & further education in PHP, Java, C++ and Android app programming, Kathrin started her career as an application consultant.

  • The approval matrix

    Employees repeatedly come across a large number of work processes in which approvals play an important role.

  • Hybrid Integration Platforms (HIP) drive Digital Transformation

    Gartner summarized the advantages of hybrid integration platforms (HIP) - and we at JobRouter recognized our platform immediately.

  • Process solutions for your EU GDPR requirements

    For companies, new transparency and information obligations are derived fromthe updated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which should be considered with the implementation or use of new technologies ...

  • One of our students in business informatics tells about her JobLIFE

    It can be challenging to jump between job and study: Our informatics student Tamara explains how the dual course of studies is like at JobRouter.

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