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Process automation insights

Digital Process Automation: Turning inefficient processes into competitive advantages

More and more companies are automating their business processes in order to become faster and more efficient, minimize errors, and create information transparency. Different approaches can be taken to fulfill this aim. One approach is called Digital Process Automation (DPA). On this page you will learn what is behind this approach and how you can use DPA technology to your advantage.
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E-Invoicing - technology of the future?

Everybody is talking about e-invoicing nowadays. Read on to find out what e-invoicing is all about, what e-invoicing obligations mean for companies, the benefits you can derive from e-invoices and much more.
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Business process automation: A quick guide

Most companies understand that business process automation is essential to long-term success. But what does that actually mean? Which business processes are best suited for automation? Where do you begin? Which approach is right for your organization? And how do you find the right business process automation software? This article fills you in on all you need to know when automating business processes within your company.
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Geschäftsprozesse automatisieren

5 steps to automating business processes

Greater efficiency, cost reductions, lower error rates, less work for employees - it is obvious that the automation of business processes brings considerable advantages and strengthens the competitive position of companies. But how do you get started in the world of digital, automated workflows? This article provides you with a concrete action guide that will help you get started successfully.
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Prozessmanagement - die beste Art, Prozesse zu steuern

For optimal business processes

Process Management - an overview

This page gives you an overview of process management. Learn what process management or BPM is and how it can be used to digitize and automate business processes. Helpful, practical tips are also provided.
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Workflow Management

Workflow management system explained simply

This page provides you with a comprehensive overview of workflow management. You will learn what is behind the term and how a workflow management system contributes to the digitization, optimization, and automation of your processes.
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A BPM tool for improving process management

Whether in a small business or a large corporation - processes and workflows in companies in every industry are becoming increasingly complex. To design business processes digitally and to use the potentials of automation, many companies rely on software solutions: so-called BPM tools as programs for process management. Learn here about the advantages of a system like JobRouter® for Business Process Management and how you can use it.
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RPA meets HR: How Robotic Process Automation increases the efficency of HR

HR personnel face the mammoth task of managing a flood of data from a wide variety of sources. It is not uncommon for information to be incomplete or to require follow-up. This eats up time. We will show you why the use of RPA in Human Resources (HR) is worthwhile and increases performance.
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Digitization in practice: 4 barriers to automated business processes

Do you use various tools for digital automation, but so far only the expenses are increasing? You are not alone in this. Almost 40 percent of decision-makers are dissatisfied with their digitization strategy. We explain how this can happen and how you can overcome these barriers.
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RPA meets DPA

Why you should combine both technologies

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Digital Process Automation (DPA) sound similar but they describe two different process automation approaches, which nevertheless optimally complement each other. We created this comparison for you so that you can see how you can benefit from the combined use of these two technologies.
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