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Process automation insights (page 2)

Has the spring cleaning arrived in your office yet?

Let’s clean up the digitalization of your business processes!

We have put together some basic tips for you to check your digitization platform in just 30 minutes and derive further measures from it!
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Connect legally binding digital signatures with your business processes

JobRouter® Sign is the seamless integration of legally binding electronic signatures into the powerful process management of JobRouter® technology.
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4 hot tips for process designers

Complete digitization projects efficiently with JobRouter®

We asked our consultants how they could approach their digitization projects even more efficiently. The result is now available in our blog: Check out our daily hacks for process design with JobRouter®!
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Manage approvals digitally

The approval matrix

Employees repeatedly come across a large number of work processes in which approvals play an important role.
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Hybrid Integration Platforms (HIP) drive Digital Transformation

Gartner summarized the advantages of hybrid integration platforms (HIP) - and we at JobRouter recognized our platform immediately.
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