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Document management


Increased efficiency, thanks to digital processes

Accounts payable automation

Much has changed in the workflow for processing incoming invoices thanks to digitization. Read this article to find out how to digitize incoming invoice processing, automate previously manual processes, and make the invoice verification workflow run smoothly.
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5 practical tips for transforming your workplace into a paperless office

A fragrant cup of coffee on the left, a computer in the middle, and piles of papers on the right. It's not exactly a pretty sight on many desks in companies. A paperless office sounds great at first. However, many companies lack the practical knowledge. Ultimately, it's all about turning digital ideas into action.
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How to create a digital archive for documents

With a digital archive, your organization can finally achieve its goal of going paperless. Below, we show you how a digital archive works and why it makes sense to archive your documents digitally. You’ll also learn how to use the right software to build an audit-proof digital archive.
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Document management system (DMS) overview

Have you ever wondered what document management systems (DMS) are and what benefits digital document management could have for companies? If so, you've come to the right place! We’ll give you a definition of DMS systems and you’ll find out more about functions and requirements in terms of corresponding solutions.
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Document Lifecycle: 6 document editing phases within digitalized processes

Documents go through a document lifecycle that can include different steps depending on the type of document, format and intended use. We present six basic stages of document processing that you should digitize.
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6 reasons why processes bring more efficiency to document management

Processes define our everyday work. Processes interconnect the entire company. Learn why the process is crucial for your document work and what you should look for in a software solution.
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JobRouter Partner - Insiders Technologies

Act smart!

In the run-up to the JobRouter Partner Conference, the JobRouter technology partners will introduce themselves with their products, services, and their main topics. Click here: Insiders Technologies with smart input management!
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