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Process design

Low-code vs. No-code Development

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The trend towards low-code & no-code development is going strong. But what is the definition? What do the technologies have in common and where are the differences? We reveal how you can use this development technology efficiently for your company.
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For optimal business processes

Process Management - an overview

This page gives you an overview of process management. Learn what process management or BPM is and how it can be used to digitize and automate business processes. Helpful, practical tips are also provided.
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A BPM tool for improving process management

Whether in a small business or a large corporation - processes and workflows in companies in every industry are becoming increasingly complex. To design business processes digitally and to use the potentials of automation, many companies rely on software solutions: so-called BPM tools as programs for process management. Learn here about the advantages of a system like JobRouter® for Business Process Management and how you can use it.
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JobRouter® 5 is out!

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In the last few months we have tried, developed, tested and optimized - with a result that can be shown: The latest JobRouter® release is feature-rich and offers innovations that will further expand the potential of your process automation!
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