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Record data automatically and manage contracts centrally.

Contract Management with JobRouter©

Why Contract Management? An optimally defined contract management process supports the entire customer life cycle because it covers all steps that contain, process or require contract data.

Contract management combines information and sources, streamlines intermediate steps, and assigns templates and attachments to all persons involved. Processes are connected to it, which in turn include the management of suppliers, vendors, partners, clients and employees. So contract management is not only about contracts, but affects all interfaces related to it. And finally, the smooth exchange of information within the automated, digital management process ultimately helps to noticeably increase the efficiency of your company for the long-term.

Once the contracts are created, signed and stored, the contract management process supports transparency and compliance. Contracts often have end dates at which they can be cancelled, renewed or changed - provided they are adhered to. Such deadlines often elapse and in the best case nothing happens. In the worst case, the company incurs unwanted costs. JobRouter® reduces that risk with visibility into contract status and the ability to alert staff to upcoming renewals or expirations.

The JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Platform offers a variety of features, modules and ready-to-use Solution Templates to help you manage your documents and data more efficiently and achieve operational excellence. Digital contract management will not only improve transparency but help you save real money. Make the most of your digital office with JobRouter®!

Advantages of automated contract management processing:

  • Reduced contract terms & risks
  • Reduced loss of revenue & administration costs
  • Increased user acceptance
  • Larger contract flexibility
  • More contract extensions
  • Improved transparency, compliance, security & control

What would you like to do next?

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