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„Platforms such as JobRouter® Academy will become increasingly important in the future“

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The JobRouter® Academy exists for 2 years now – so it’s about time to draw a conclusion and take another look behind the curtains. What constitutes the work of the team, what has been achieved in two years, and what is the future of the blended-learning platform? Silke Etter, head and co-founder of JobRouter® Academy, brings light into the darkness.
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Has the spring cleaning arrived in your office yet?

Let’s clean up the digitalization of your business processes!

We have put together some basic tips for you to check your digitization platform in just 30 minutes and derive further measures from it!
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4 hot tips for process designers

Complete digitization projects efficiently with JobRouter®

We asked our consultants how they could approach their digitization projects even more efficiently. The result is now available in our blog: Check out our daily hacks for process design with JobRouter®!
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