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JobRouter - JobRobot Module

Your virtual assistant!

In JobRouter® employees work through the individual process steps with the help of online forms. By activating the "Send" button, the user completes their entries, and JobRouter® then processes the rules stored at the step. The JobRobot module now offers the possibility to execute steps automatically on the server.

A virtual user is created, which can be assigned to different roles. All steps directly assigned to these roles or to the user are automatically sent by JobRobot. This process takes place directly on the server.

After the configuration of the JobRobot module using the very simple input screen, steps and rules are automatically processed by JobRobot.

Typical application scenarios

  • Monitor incoming payments

    At the end of an ordering process, the company waits for the incoming payment on the customer account. Instead of an employee who manually accesses the customer account every day, JobRobot can perform this task.

  • Monitor databases

    In addition, the module can also monitor databases of other applications and perform an action automatically as soon as the corresponding data is available.

JobRobot offers the following features:

  • Automatic sending of process steps by the virtual user directly on the server
  • The virtual user can be assigned to different JobFunctions
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