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JobRouter® - JobMultilingual Module

Overcome language barriers with JobRouter®

Companies operating internationally and with foreign subsidiaries benefit from the functions of the JobMultilingual Module  - because it allows JobRouter® processes to be displayed in the users' own language.

The JobMultilanguage module allows to translate all JobRouter® processes in all supported languages. In this way, workflow users can complete their processes in their language. Forms, tables, headings in Process Inboxes, Reports or archives can be easily translated. Texts can also be translated externally and re-imported using an Excel export.

Typical JobMultilingual deployment scenario

  • An employee submits a vacation request via a global JobRouter® process that is displayed in his or her own language.

  • The employee's superior, who by definition approves this leave request, in turn works at a foreign-language location.

  • With JobMultilingual, both users view the same process in their respective language.

JobMultilanguage offers the following features:

  • Translation of all process elements
  • Translation of all descriptions of archive elements (description for archive, index fields, fixed lists)
  • Translation of JobSelect reports
  • Export and import of translations as Excel files
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