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JobRouter® Module JobLink for Automation Anywhere

JobLink for Automation Anywhere

Using the JobLink for Automation Anywhere module, you can run manual tasks in JobRouter® automatically - without any interface to third-party systems.

The JobLink for Automation Anywhere module allows JobRouter® processes to be extended by the integration of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA is a process automation method in which a software robot learns and imitates manual activities and executes them automatically and repeatedly. The initial manual tasks are performed by a so-called bot. This software robot acts like an employee and performs working steps according to defined rules. For example, it selects data from one system and transmits them to the Treasury Management System or different forms. To do so no interface to third party systems is needed. JobRouter works together with Automation Anywhere, a leading provider of robot-controlled process automation.

This can be done by a bot for you

Deployment scenarios of JobLink for Automation Anywhere in practice:

  • Determination of legal entity-IDs for customers on specific websites
  • Automation of repetitive order processes
  • Transfer of master data to a website
  • Creation of any form
  • Invoice data exchange in the incoming invoice process with an ERP system without available interface
  • Generation of confirmations, such as in case of incoming invoices

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JobLink for Automation Anywhere: Innovative process automation with bots
You want to digitalize business processes continuously? Then JobLink for Automation Anywhere is the solution: The module allows JobRouter processes to be extended to include Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Process examples with JobLink for Automation Anywhere

Adoption of master data

With JobLink for Automation Anywhere master data, such as supplier, information can be transferred to a Treasury Management System. The data stored and maintained in JobRouter can be delivered to a bot in the Automation Anywhere system by first clicking Action and then Send.

activity bot

Bot works in the background

The bot ensures the adoption of the selected supplier information by the TMS. Thereby the process is finished.

activity bot

Step overview in JobRouter®

In JobRouter® single process steps and their status can be retraced. Green symbolizes the finished workflow. In this way a process always stays transparent.

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