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JobRouter - JobStart Module

Now with bar code recognition

The JobStart module offers different possibilities to automatically start processes by using files, emails or scheduled tasks.

JobStart monitors directories and email accounts and starts a process when a new file or email is found. The JobStart module also contains a function to read and analyze bar codes. The read values can be passed to the starting instance. A split based on the bar codes is also possible. You decide if you want to start an instance for every individual document or group all documents together and transfer them to a subtable of a process. Bar code recognition and splitting can be used for TIFF and PDF files. This offers you a wide range of possible applications.

JobStart has the following features

  • Monitoring of any number of directories and emails
  • Starting processes automatically using files and emails
  • Automatic starting of processes by scheduled tasks
  • Splitting the file name to gather data
  • Bar code recognition and splitting of documents
  • Monitoring email accounts (POP 3 and IMAP)
  • Extracting email attachments
  • Bar code recognition