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JobRouter - JobSub Module

Substitute management at the touch of a button!

The JobSub Module allows JobRouter users to choose substitutes for times when they are absent. While a substitution is active, the person who is assigned will see an additional inbox where the newly assigned task can be accessed.

Task substitution with JobRouter

Defining substitutes

When defining substitutes, you can differentiate between individual users and group or role-based substitutes. This ensures that during times of absence, tasks will be always forwarded to the correct substitute based on their respective role.

Easy to control

Every user can define their substitutes themselves by maintaining their substitution rules. They can set their substitutes and activate or deactivate the substitution with an easy-to-use menu. Administrators with the respective rights can also define substitutes. In addition, specific users inside the organization can also be given the right to activate substitutions. This can be used to activate a substitution in the case of an unplanned absence of an employee.


Using a simple JobRouter® configuration, the user can be reminded to maintain his or her substitutes each time they log in - so the substitution only needs to be activated in the event of an unplanned absence.

Audit Trail

The JobRouter® module also logs whether a substitution step was actually performed by another person. In this way, it is always possible to track in the process history who a step was originally assigned to and who actually processed that step. Both the substitute and the original user will find the processed step in their completed box.

Typical JobSub use case

  • Absence control

    If an employee who shares the same role with a group of co-workers goes on vacation, this is not a problem. But what if the head of a department is absent?

  • Rights & role management

    With JobSub their process tasks can be assigned to other people. Since many people work in different roles, it makes sense that substitutions can be role-dependent.

JobSub has the following features

  • Differentiation between individual user and group/role  substitutes
  • Users define their own substitute and manage their substitution rules themselves
  • Rights can also be transferred to other users
  • Reminder function for managing own substitutes
  • Users and substitutes both can see the completed step
  • Logging of the activity history
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