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JobRouter - JobGlobalTime Module

Connecting time zones with JobRouter®

The JobGlobalTime module is a helpful tool for displaying user-related time zones within a JobRouter® process. This is a benefit for companies that share their business processes with their foreign subsidiaries.

With JobGlobalTime international companies can work with JobRouter® in different time zones. The module allows each user to select their local time zone so that all date values are displayed in the local time zone.

Typical JobGlobalTime use scenarios

JobRouter® notifies all users by email of new workflow tasks that are assigned to them. The user decides when he or she wants to receive a summary of their open, processed or 'about to be late' tasks. JobGlobalTime now ensures that international employees receive these messages at their locally set time and that date and time fields in processes are converted into their time zone.

JobGlobalTime offers the following features:

  • Setting a time zone for each employee
  • The user's time zone is taken into account for notifications and in the user interface
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