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JobRouter® module PGP

Better safe than sorry

Security and confidentiality are often essential when sending documents. To make file transfers more secure, the JobPGP module offers the option to encrypt and decrypt files.

Many JobRouter processes are used for processing files received by the workflow system as well as files being sent by the workflow system itself, for example by email.  For added secruity, the JobPGP module offers the option to encrypt and decrypt files.

This module uses the standardized OpenPGP file format that allows for asymmetric encrypting and decrypting of files. The public key of the recipient is used to encrypt and the recipient’s private key is used to decrypt. This ensures that only the recipient is able to decrypt the file.

A system activity for any process

JobPGP offers a system activity that can be integrated into any process. This activity provides an encrypt and a decrypt function. Files from processes can be easily decrypted after receiving them, or they can be encrypted before they are sent, for example by email. JobPGP supports using multiple keys as well as the encrypting of the multiple files of a subtable.

The private key can be stored as a password that is defined either directly in the activity or transferred with process data.

JobPGP offers the following features:

  • Encrypting files using OpenPGP
  • Decrypting files using OpenPGP
  • Using password-protected private keys
  • Using multiple keys
  • Processing multiple files at once
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