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JobRouter - JobShare Module

Connect to JobRouter directly from SharePoint

Many companies use SharePoint as their Intranet solution. Users are familiar with this software environment and they gain access to other applications from there too. With the JobRouter® add-in module for SharePoint, SharePoint users now have the option to start JobRouter ® processes and access to their inbox tasks directly from SharePoint.

How it works

SharePoint & JobRouter® integration
JobShare Module - JobRouter process Startboxes in SharePoint dashboard+
SharePoint & JobRouter® - Start JobRouter® processes in SharePoint.
Sharepoint & JobRouter® - JobShare inbox

Single Sign-On

Authentication is done either by NTLM or by redirecting the logged-in SharePoint user to JobRouter®. This eliminates the need for a second authentication.

Configuration in SharePoint

The configuration in SharePoint is extremely easy. After importing the solution, the JobRouter® web parts can be easily integrated into any SharePoint page. The only things necessary for set up are  the URL for the JobRouter installation and a password to secure communications. Productive use can start immediately.

Start processes

A start box is shown for any process the user is authorized to start. In this view, all start steps are displayed as tiles. The SharePoint user can open, fill out and submit the corresponding workflow tasks from here without having to leave the SharePoint environment.

Work on processes

JobShare Module | Users can access their JobRouter inbox from SharePoint and work on their processes. | JobRouter Digital Process Automation Platform +

The JobShare Module displays the Inbox as well, so users can see and work on all the tasks in their inboxes. Here again, the editing of single processes is possible directly via SharePoint, without the need to log into JobRouter separately.

JobShare module features

  • Single Sign-On to JobRouter®
  • Access to all start steps directly from SharePoint
  • Display of the inbox and editing possibilities for the steps
  • Office 365 will be supported in the next release version
  • Google Docs integration
  • SmartSheet integration
  • Individualization

    For specific SharePoint integration requirements, such as the depiction of certain information from JobRouter or design changes, the existing web parts can be used by the JobRouter development team to create tailor-made web parts.

  • System requirements

    JobRouter® 4.1 or higher
    SharePoint version 2010 or higher

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