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JobRouter - JobShift Module

Long term storage for completed process instances

The JobShift module allows you to move completed JobRouter instances into an archiving database after a specified period of time thus ensuring optimal performance for the production system.

Process owners can easily locate completed and archived instances, import them into the JobRouter production system or export them to an external database.

By using JobShift you keep your JobRouter® system lean and fast.

Defined Production Time Frame

A time span can be set for every JobRouter process during which instances stay available in the production system after completion. During that time, the instances will be displayed in the completed boxes and reports of users and as well in the instance and step overviews of process owners. You can decide on a process basis if you want to delete or archive the instances at the end of this time span.

Restore, edit, export, archive again

When processed instances are archived, they are saved in an external database where they can still be accessed and evaluated. This database can be either on the same or on another database server. Optionally, all attachments assigned to the instances can be transferred into a specific archive directory.

Process owners can use the step and instance overviews at any time to search for already archived steps and instances and look at the process details. At any time, every instance can be imported back from the archive to the JobRouter production system or exported as a file. The processed instances can also be written into an external database on any server where they can still be accessed and evaluated.

JobShift offers the following features

  • Searching archived instances in the step overview
  • Searching archived instances in the instance overview
  • Exporting archived instances
  • Restoring archived instances
  • Setting up any number of instance archives
  • Archives can be placed on other database servers
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