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Digital personnel file - all data at a glance

For many HR managers, digitizing personnel files is the first step into a digital working world. No wonder - with just a few clicks, the digital personnel file creates an overview of all personnel data and documents. This significantly increases the HR department's ability to provide information and transparency within the company.

Digitize personnel files according to your requirements with the help of the JobRouter® digital automation platform. From application documents to payroll, you can collect all the necessary information in one file. With the help of rights management, you can also ensure that only authorized persons have access to the respective personnel files.

With the JobRouter® digitization platform, not only can personnel files be digitized, but all HR processes can also be started from the personnel file. This includes, for example, employee onboarding, digital travel management or digital sick leave. Ensure more transparency with digitized and automated processes!

JobRouter® offers you the following functions, among others, as a solution for a digital personnel file:

  • Gain access to a specific employee's personnel file directly from your personal dashboard,
  • Search employee files,
  • Get an overview of all personal data, processes as well as documents,
  • Archive important documents electronically,
  • Start person-related processes directly from the personnel file (e.g. employee onboarding, business trip request, sick leave),
  • Extend the functional scope of your digital personnel file as you wish, for example by adding digital contract management!

Digital personnel file - sample processes

JobRouter Screenshot: Search for an employee file
JobRouter Screenshot: Search for an employee file

Search for an employee file

In JobRouter®, a widget in the dashboard gives the appropriate managers access to all files. You can search for specific employees by name or select them from a list and access the personnel file.

Screenshot digital personnel files - Search by name

View employee file

All of an employee's personal information is brought together in the personnel file from various sources. For example, you choose between the "Personal Data" and "Operations & Documents" categories to view more details.

Screenshot digital personnel files - Search by name
digital personnel file screenshot - personal information
digital personnel file screenshot - personal information

Manage personal data

Personal data may include, for example, full name, address, contact options, and bank details or contract and authorization information.

digital personnel file screenshot - activity

Review processes and documents

The "Processes & Documents" category provides an overview of all ongoing and already completed processes as well as activities. For example, information on travel expense reports, business trip requests or employee absences can be viewed and commented on here, and the associated process history can be called up.

digital personnel file screenshot - activity

Back to the employee search

Once you have reviewed all the information, the "Back" button will take you directly to your dashboard. There you can start another employee search or other HR processes. 


Digital Personnel Files

  • Reduce time and costs in processing personnel files
  • Quicker access to all important personnel data and documents
  • More space saved by eliminating paper files
  • Greater transparency: data can also be accessed by people outside the HR department
  • Intelligent rights management guarantees a high level of security
  • Retention periods are adhered to
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