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JobRouter Partner Conference 2019: Digital Process Automation | Scale your Success

The JobRouter® Partner Conference is the perfect day to exchange ideas with the software company, partners and industry experts and get a glimpse behind the technology. In 2019, the focus was on the trend topic of Digital Process Automation, the advantages over a classic Business Process Management or Document Management approach, as well as the Robotic Process Automation digitization method for a scaling and sustainable business model!

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  • Publisher: JobRouter AG

Persons in this video

  • Bernhard Bachinger
    Bernhard Bachinger
    Partner Manager
    JobRouter AG
  • Axel Ensinger
    Axel Ensinger
    JobRouter AG
  • Sarah Schneider
    Sarah Schneider
    Partner Manager
    JobRouter AG
  • Wolfgang Jünge
    Wolfgang Jünge
    Partner Manager
    JobRouter AG
  • Patrick Meyhöfer
    Patrick Meyhöfer
    Senior Trainer / Content Analyst
    JobRouter AG
  • Marcus Nagel
    Marcus Nagel
    JobRouter AG
  • Ivana Savanović geb. Pejanović
    Ivana Savanović geb. Pejanović
    Team Lead Marketing & Communications
    JobRouter AG
  • Stephanie Weidner
    Stephanie Weidner
    Authorized Officer - Head of Partner Management
    JobRouter AG
  • Fritz-Jochen Weber
    Fritz-Jochen Weber
    Supervisory Board
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