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Integrate, Automate, Collaborate

Simple collaboration with JobRouter® Digital Process Automation

​As organizations grow, it becomes harder to maintain control over processes. Information silos, manual and paper-based work processes and gaps in processes are common artifacts of growth - faced by even the most modern mid-sized or global business.

​Businesses have to adapt to be competitive and companies of all sizes are using business process automation initiatives to automate and integrate workflows and processes across systems, departments, divisions, companies and trading partners.

​Enterprise BPM Use Cases

JobRouter helps simplify the management of daily business processes, creating efficiencies and adding value with improved accuracy, visibility and agility.

Accounting & finance process examples

  • Accounting and Finance
  • ​Administration Activities
  • ​Customer Services
  • Facilities Management
  • ​Human Resource Management
  • ​Order Processing
  • ​Performance Measurement
  • ​Purchasing, Inventory, Logistics
  • ​Standard Operating Procedures
  • ​Staff Performance and Training
  • ​Supplier and Customer Portals

​Administrative Use Cases

​Process automation can improve the efficiency of back-office systems and administrative operations - lowering overhead and enable business flexibility.

Administration process examples

  • ​Invoice Generation
  • ​Accounts Payable
  • ​Budgeting
  • ​Supply Ordering​ and Tracking
  • ​New Employee Onboarding
  • ​Contract Management
  • ​Leave Requests
  • ​Time Sheets
  • ​Activity Reports
  • ​Expense Reports
  • ​Performance Reviews


Benefits & Features

JobRouter can help organizations take control and integrate and automate all aspects management, administration and communication.

  • ​Convert tasks into paperless, hands-free and error-free processes
  • ​Integrate with ERP, accounting, legacy and line of business systems, databases
  • ​Strong access controls, business rules and audit trails for standards and compliance
  • ​Full visibility for tracking and accountability
  • ​Streamline information retrieval and distribution
  • ​Real-time reporting and analysis
  • ​Full document management and archiving
  • ​Multi-language and time-zone support

Why chose JobRouter for Digital Enterprise Transformation?

  • ​Eliminate Bottlenecks

    Convert your routine contact task into paperless, hands-free and error-free processes. Automate collaboration, review and approval workflows.

  • Easy Customization

    Process workflows are easily designed, built, and modified - without programming.

  • No Per-User Fees

    JobRouter licensing includes a 500-user starting base with the ability to upgrade if more users are required.​​

  • Strong controls

    ​Roles-based and rules-based privileges and granular access controls protect information.

  • Compliance

    Automating workflows and business rules will enforce standards and best practices for consistency and compliance. Built-in audit trail.

  • Integrate Applications and Data

    Integrate workflows with your ERP and business applications and databases for improved productivity and fewer errors.

  • ​Easy to Use

    JobRouter is user-friendly and requires little or no user training, ensuring fast user adoption.

  • Cost-effective

    In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs, JobRouter can be deployed quickly and cost effectively.

  • Powerful Business Rules

    JobRouter provides all the flexibility, power and control needed to add sophisticated, complex and nuanced business rules to your processes.

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