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Solve Purchase-to-Pay challenges with a Digital Process Automation platform

Every 21st century leader shares the same goal: driving the trifecta of revenue, modernization and operational efficiency. This is especially critical for accounting and procurement functions, which often exert the most influence over a company’s organizational growth and financial health.

Yet many financial departments are trapped operationally between the paperwork and legacy systems of yesterday and the digital expectations of today. To eradicate old inefficiencies and stay competitive in the digital age, many accounting and procurement leaders are turning to Purchase-to-Pay solutions for digital process automation to overcome those challenges.

The topics at a glance:

  • Overview & status quo of P2P automation
  • Eight recurring challenges due to low process automation
  • Negative effects of manual processes on productivity
  • Benefits of digital technology adoption in transactional Purchase-to-Pay processes
  • Advantages of highly automated Procure-to-Pay departments
  • Key Purchase-to-Pay automation opportunities
  • USE CASE From complexity to control
  • Requirements for digital Purchase-to-Pay process performance excellence
  • Modern Power – Intuitively Easy: JobRouter® Purchase-to-Pay solutions

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