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JobRouter® ScanApp

Document management on the go has never been smarter

Capture, edit and cache documents on the move with the JobRouter® Scan App and sync it automatically with your desktop application.

In many cases it is convenient for users to capture documents digitally. With the JobRouter® ScanApp for iOS and Android, users have mobile access to their DocumentHub, the intelligent clipboard in JobRouter®. Documents can be photographed directly from the mobile device, uploaded to the hub and processed as automatically generated PDF in the desired process - even on the desktop. Travel expense reports, invoice receipts and personal documents can all be processed quickly and easily.

JobRouter® ScanApp – Everything in one pocket

Fast authentication - for any accounts

The JobRouter® ScanApp allows you to manage any JobRouter® account. Log into your dashboard using the QR code or a username and password and access your DocumentHub.


Capture documents

With the app you can either scan documents directly, take photos or upload documents from the local gallery to the DocumentHub and immediately use them in your processes and archives.

Edit documents

Captured documents and images can still be post-processed, processed and commented on in the app. All scanned documents are automatically converted to PDF format.

Manage documents

All scanned and uploaded documents end up in your personal DocumentHub, the intelligent clipboard. This is automatically synchronized with your JobRouter® instance.

Your benefit

JobRouter® ScanApp features

  •     Scanning documents
  •     Capturing Images
  •     Uploading pictures from the gallery
  •     Post-processing of the captured images
  •     Automatic conversion to PDF format
  •     Immediate deployments in the process
  •     Possibility to use with any number of process instances

Uses Cases for DocumentHub & ScanApp

  • Recording of travel expenses

    Capture receipts for your travel expenses on the go with the JobRouter® ScanApp and then access them when creating your expense report statement.

  • Capture of invoices

    Digitize invoices instantly at work, without having to rely on a scanning workstation or multifunction device.



The JobRouter® Scan App is easily registered on your JobRouter® Dashboard via a QR code or by entering a username and password for the selected JobRouter® instance. Any number of JobRouter® instances are supported. You can use the same app for our customer and partner portal as well as for your local installation. The data of individual organizations always remain separate from each other.

Availability & Licensing

Availability & Licensing

The DocumentHub is integrated in all JobRouter® editions and is therefore available to all users. It can be switched on and off for individual groups via the user profiles. The JobRouter® ScanApp can also be connected to all editions.

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