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JobRouter - JobSAP BAPI Module

Directly calling BAPIs

The JobSAP BAPI module communicates directly from JobRouter with the SAP web service and calls BAPIs. For this, no additional software is necessary.

Many processes require interfaces to SAP for optimal process automation. For example, invoices from a process must be parked in SAP and posted after release, or purchase requisitions created in a third-party system must be entered in SAP. With JobRouter® this is now possible simply and directly from the platform - without additional software.

JobSAP BAPI serves as an interface module and offers ready-made scenarios for different requirements. The module is designed so that users can create their own scenarios or easily adapt existing ones. Even if the required scenario is does not exist yet, individual interfaces and SAP calls can be quickly implemented in projects.

It is possible to implement the interface as a system activity anywhere in a JobRouter process. In addition, a dialog element is available to execute modules directly in the dialog. This enables the user to receive immediate feedback on the performed transaction. So, for example, the user can book an invoice and immediately receive an SAP document number.

How it works

JobSAP BAPI communicates with the SAP System using a SOAP Web service and calls the appropriate BAPIs in the function modules. This enables standardized communication with SAP systems. Only the JobRouter® function modules have to be imported into the SAP System using a transport package.

In JobRouter®, each JobSAP BAPI component has defined input and output parameters that can be used to transfer and return data to the SAP system. The link can be made very easily through the user interface when configuring dialogue elements or system activities.

JobSAP BAPI configuration editor
JOBSAP BABI JobRouter dialog editor

Any number of SAP systems

In order to work with different SAP systems such as development, test or production systems, JobRouter® can define any number of connections to SAP systems. For each connection, a technical user is defined who executes the transactions.

JobSAP BAPI system activity

With the JobSAP BAPI system activity users can perform actions in the SAP system at any point during a process. To do so, they can choose from all installed and licensed scenarios. By linking input and output parameters, you can transfer data to the SAP system and return values back to the process. Some scenarios support the additional transfer of user information.

JobSAP BAPI dialog element

With the JOBSAP-BAPI dialog element a button is displayed that that can be used to execute SAP activities directly. Unlike the system activity, which is performed in the background, these return values can be used directly in the same step dialog. For example, this could be the document number of a new document that is entered in the SAP system. As a result, process performance is not interrupted by automatically performed steps in the background.

The following scenarios are available at present:

  • Park and Post FI Invoices
  • Change and delete FI invoices
  • Park MM Invoices
  • Change MM Invoices
  • Delete MM Invoices
  • Create a project 
  • Change project budget 
  • Create purchase requisitions 
  • Change status of purchase requisitions
  • Inform JobRouter about the creation of a purchase requisition in SAP
  • Enter comments for purchase requisitions
  • Link an SAP document to an archived document (ArchiveLink)

Other scenarios can be provided at short notice upon request.

JobSAP BAPI contains the following features

  • Call of BAPIs without additional interface software
  •  Can be integrated into a process at any point as a system activity
  • A dialog element enables the direct execution of SAP functions
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