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Process Automation in Manufacturing

Greater Efficiency & Productivity in Manufacturing with JobRouter®

​Manufacturing companies everywhere are trying to reduce operating margins and eliminate waste and at the same time searching for opportunities to create a competitive advantage. Inefficient, inconsistent and incomplete business processes can stand in the way of innovation and business growth.

​Streamline​ Operations

Successful manufacturing companies are using business process improvement initiatives to streamline operations, boost productivity, and adapt quickly to the market changes. ​ JobRouter provides a proven, flexible, and powerful workflow automation platform to help ​manufacturing ​companies​ crea​te better business outcomes​.

​Improve​d Bottom Line

  • ​Automate exception handling, streamline inefficient processes.
  • ​Reduce costs by transforming paper-based and manual processes.
  • ​Eliminate redundancy and define consistent processes across the organization.
  • ​Improve accountability and enforce business rules and best-practice

Integrate & Extend

  • ​Integrate processes across all departments in the organization.
  • ​Integrate with ERP, MRP, accounting and line of business systems.
  • ​Layer agile processes on top of legacy applications.
  • ​Eliminate information silos for better visibility and governance.

​Why JobRouter

  • An all-in-one BPM Platform that is powerful, flexible, quickly implemented.
  • Processes can be easily created, tracked, modified and improved.
  • Cost effective development of integrated, feature-rich process applications.
  • Increase access to key data and enforce quality, compliance initiatives.