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JobRouter acquires sycat Group

Networking Integration of low-code digitalization platform and software for integrated management systems increases customers' potential for digital transformation

Mannheim, January 18, 2024 - JobRouter AG, manufacturer of the cross-industry low-code digitalization platform JobRouter®, announced the acquisition of the sycat Group today. JobRouter and sycat now form a joint organization with more than 140 employees, whose products are used by more than 4,500 companies. Sycat has offices in Hannover and Düsseldorf and specializes in the development of software for integrated management systems (IMS), process management, and solutions for digital training and instruction. Sycat also has a high level of expertise in the field of organizational and process consulting. Together JobRouter and sycat are able to offer process management and process automation from a single source. Frank Schroeder and Marco Idel will continue to shape the future of the company as managing directors of the sycat Group.

"sycat integrates perfectly into the JobRouter corporate philosophy," explains Axel Ensinger, Co-CEO of JobRouter AG. "With our digitalization platform, we offer companies a wealth of functions to digitally map any business processes. Sycat bundles process knowledge, shows workflows, interrelationships and responsibilities, and therefore eases project implementation. 

Process management and automation from a single source

Besides digital and automated business processes, every company has numerous manual or knowledge collecting processes. The sycat IMS platform consolidates this knowledge, makes it available to all employees and provides relevant data and documents for learning, modelling and optimization measures. Sycat's 2750 worldwide customers are now able to convert their recorded processes into digital and automated business processes quickly.

"We already have users who use both solutions, such as Schott AG and Kral GmbH. In the future all customers will be able to access the expanded portfolio quickly and easily," says Marco Idel, Managing Partner of the sycat Group. "Our customers will benefit from this merger across the board," adds Frank Schroeder, also Managing Partner of the sycat Group. "The combined solutions offer enormous potential, which is why a rapid integration is planned."

Merger intents to make it easier for customers to switch to digital structures 

sycat primarily supports medium-sized companies. Most of these companies engage in the industrial, mobility/transportation or retail business with a large number of processes or very complex ones. Many of these companies are focusing on the topic of process automation as part of the digital transformation in the SME sector. With sycat’s IMS process modeling functions and the integrated task and procedure management, customers know exactly how their processes run, which authorizations, weak points or actions they contain or can be derived from them. 

"This is very advantageous for critical processes such as invoice processing," says Marcus Nagel, Co-CEO of JobRouter AG. "JobRouter customers can now set up end-to-end process management and consolidate their sensitive data. New digitalization projects will run even more effectively and securely. We will furthermore make the sycat portfolio available to our large partner network and expand it with a new partner group." 

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sycat Group

Short profile sycat Group

The sycat Group has been developing software solutions and offering consulting services in the areas of integrated management and process management systems for 30 years. The sycat product range includes excellent solutions for all management systems used in a company or organization, from risk, quality, IT and environmental management to compliance and safety management.

sycat bundles all of a company's information on process organization, instructions or training in a digital company platform. To do this, it uses easy-to-understand process diagrams including functions for document versioning and modification. The integrated instruction and e-learning module enables the instruction of individual company specifications as well as standard instructions, e.g. from occupational safety and data security.

The head office is located in Hanover and another location is in Düsseldorf. With 40 employees, the group of companies supplies more than 2750 customers from all sectors and company sizes in the umbrella region.

Further information is available at

JobRouter AG

Short profile JobRouter AG

JobRouter AG is a globally active provider of solutions for digital business transformation and offers a cross-industry low-code digital process automation platform for customers of all sizes. Since 2003 JobRouter has been helping companies to optimize their workflows, to manage their data and documents efficiently and to digitalize their internal and external business processes. The modular components of the JobRouter® technology also allow solutions to be expanded and individually configured according to requirements. As a result, companies receive a comprehensive and tailored system with a large number of agile interfaces.

Together with an international network of over 200 partners and its own branches in Great Britain and the USA, JobRouter AG now supplies over 2.000 customers worldwide, including leading companies such as ABUS, Euromaster, GARTNER, HARIBO, HELMA Eigenheimbau, Klöckner & Co., Prodinger or the University of Bern.

JobRouter AG has its headquarters in Mannheim. Further information is available at

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