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Regulatory Compliance

Social service agency streamlines time-senstive incident reporting

A regional social service agency providing services to minors replaces manual-process with digital process automation to comply with time-sensitive incident reporting regulations.


Many contributors and a short-time frame

Automated Social Service Agency Reporting with the JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Platform

Whenever an incident occurs this social service agency is required to report the details to multiple governmental and law enforcement agencies. Those incidents could be anything from injury, illness or theft to mistreatment. The agency wanted to replace the manual and paper-based process they had been using to meet those mandatory reporting requirements. The existing process was cumbersome and not easy to track or monitor for compliance. Many different employees and departments are required to contribute and the reporting and notifications must be completed within a very short time-frame.

​SOLUTION: JobRouter used to speed and track reporting


Automated collection, formating and escalation

Automated Social Service Agency Reporting with the JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Platform

The JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Platform was used to convert the entire process into a streamlined and automated online process. Multiple reports must be compliled, each in a different format, and sent to the correct reporting bureau or agency. Sophisticated routing based on business rules make sure all mandatory statements are collected and actions are taken. All required documents and reports are automatically created in the proper format and automated escalations and reminders help complete reporting on time.

Results and benefits:

  • Mandatory reporting is now completed quickly and consistently
  • Managers have real-time transparency and visibility into the status of the reporting process
  • Required documentation and notifications are automatically filled out​
  • Documents are created, stored and tracked
  • One-click reports and ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Built-in audit trail for compliance
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