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JobRouter® Solution Templates

Automated Contract Management in 8 hours!

Stop administrating contracts – manage them! Analog processes and manual overhead can be frustrating, especially when managing your contracts!

JobRouter® now offers standardized process templates that facilitate and accelerate the transition from analog to digital. Never miss a deadline again and keep track of all contract data. JobRouter® takes these tasks, executes them fully automatically and reminds users before it's too late. The scanned contracts, including all important metadata, are recorded and managed with the help of up to three role types: owner, responsible, and viewer. Furthermore, JobRouter® reminds you in advance of a pending automatic contract extension. As a result, you will not miss an important date or let contracts get lost.

Sign up to our live webinar and experience for yourself how fast and simple you can administer and archive all contract types!

Webinar contents

  • Why JobRouter® Templates?
  • JobTemplate Contract
  • Other Templates
  • Summary
  • Questions

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