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Webinar featuring Forrester

RPA meets DPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a reliable tool for automating manual and repetitive tasks. A so-called bot then handles the work steps for you. There is real value in combining RPA technologies with Digital Process Automation (DPA). It opens up new options for creating many other process automation applications. The webinar will show you what these are and how you can benefit from the combined use of both technologies. Our speakers are:  Rob Koplowitz | Forrester Research, Peter Brehm and Benedikt Blaser | Automation Anywhere and Axel Ensinger | JobRouter AG.

Webinar contents

  • The latest research on DPA and RPA
  • Why DPA is a key to digital transformation
  • Current trends of process automation
  • How RPA and DPA work together in the JobRouter® digital process automation platform
No date available.
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