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Digital Process Automation with JobRouter®

Trigger processes with JobRouter® - the choice is yours

Combine individual digitization with efficient automation and use the full potential of your business processes.

JobRouter® business processes are always triggered by an internal or external action that is performed either automatically or through a user interaction. Thus, our digitization platform always gives you the choice of how a process is initiated, processed or completed.

Typical triggers for JobRouter® processes

  • A paper document is received and converted into an electronic document by scanning.

  • A file is created in the file system, such as an Office document or a binary file.

  • A third-party software application triggers a new JobRouter® process instance by transferring data.

  • A user completes and submits an electronic form

  • A defined status in an external software application is achieved.

  • A JobRouter® process triggers a sub-process

  • A planned date/time has been reached.

  • A fax is being received

  • An e-mail is received

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