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JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Platform

Business Process Transformation and Compliance

Each organization has to address a unique combination of compliance management requirements including meeting legislative regulations, industry and professional standards, and internal policies.

Regulations and standards like FDA, GxP, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA continue to grow and evolve. When these requirements change, the organization has to respond quickly to remain compliant.

Compliance Management and Automation

One of the key benefits of automating business rules and business processes with JobRouter is support in meeting compliance requirements by giving organizations the ability to:

  • Enforce Compliance: Automate processes based on business rules that are consistent, explicit, and enforced.
  • Prove Compliance: Easily manage and document processes and provide proof that rules were followed. Built-in audit trails and process documentation.
  • Quickly Adapt to Changing Compliance Requirements: Build on a flexible technical platform for business agility and continuous improvement. Easily and quickly create, test and implement new or improved workflows and processes.

Efficient & Compliant Business Processes

JobRouter BPM software helps organizations increase accountability and control over their business processes - without sacrificing operational efficiency. Built-in transparency, activity tracking and reporting helps businesses build automated processes that lower the costs of compliance and reporting - and make it easy to improve processes.

Whenever the question of who has done what and why arises, JobRouter is able to answer. JobRouter stores all process instance data and there are numerous ways to easily analyze the process data to uncover process improvement concepts. As a result, improvements are easy to implement and to verify by using JobRouter’s simulation mode. For easy maintenance, built-in process versioning gives you control over the different development stages for every process.

Integrated Documentation

JobRouter Designer's various built-in documentation tools help you to comprehensively document, log, and comment your business processes. A properly documented process gives you an overview of its structure and a history of the changes made to the process.

JobRouter® features support compliance management efficiency

JobRouter can help make it easier to achieve and demonstrate compliance management and performance. This is especially important when requirements are constantly evolving or in industries with highly regulated processes such as financial service, health care or government.

  • Built-in Automated Audit Trails
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Data Validation and Optional Encryption
  • Granular Security model
  • Intelligent Forms
  • Process Documentation and Change Management
  • Customized Reporting
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