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JobRouter® Use Case

Fleet Management Solution

Maintain all information from the order to the deregistration of all your vehicles

Every company owning several vehicles will sooner or later have to think about managing its fleet. This includes the creation and maintenance of vehicle files, but also legal aspects, such as the performance of a driver’s license checks. Furthermore, additional costs for insurances, leasing, taxes, and refueling have to be taken into consideration. Fleet managers want to have these by hand and handle them centrally. 

The optimum management tool for your fleet!

The Fleet Management  solution enables you to edit and manage exactly these tasks from only one platform. You can maintain all data from the order to the deregistration of the car.  In addition, the solution can also score with further functions: With the widget provided you can not only keep an eye on all costs, starting from the fuel consumption up to the traffic tickets, but additionally you are also able to perform many practical tasks, such as e.g. driver’s license checks. You control the information flow according to your Job Function. This is what modern fleet management looks like!

Subprocesses of the Fleet Management solution:

  • Assign vehicle to employee (order/selection/handover)
  • Create and maintain vehicle file
  • Perform driver’s license check
  • Report damage or accident
  • Manage traffic tickets
  • Transmit mileage
  • Deregister a vehicle

Workflow Example in the Fleet Management Solution

Provided widgets

The  solution can content numerous valuable widgets: fleet managers can control, how many vehicles the fleet contains, how many preorders for cars are in the system, or how many escalated steps there are – meaning steps have not been edited by the responsible persons within the specified time frame. Additionally, each vehicle driver can see, when the next driver’s license check is required. Especially interesting: A cost overview, which can be filtered according to dates or vehicles. It displays costs, which occurred during the utilization of the vehicle.

Assign vehicles to employees: order

Groups of persons determined by you, such as department managers, can decide which employee should get a vehicle. Therefore, they have to go to the start step "order vehicle" and choose the respective employee.  Thereafter, the HR department will be informed about the selection and can accept or reject the order. If the order is accepted, the next step is to inform the fleet manager.

Assign vehicle to employee: selection

The fleet manager selects the eligible vehicles. These are offered to the driver, who can compare the vehicles and decide on one.

Checklist for fleet manager

If the driver accepted an offer, the fleet manager is informed about it. He receives a to-do list, which can be created individually up-front. As soon as he completes all tasks, he clicks Send on the top right corner and closes the instance.

Assign vehicle to employee: handover

As soon as the vehicle is ready for handover, the fleet manager can initiate the next step: He selects driver, place, and time. The driver is informed about this subsequently and can pick up his vehicle.

Create and maintain vehicle data

As fleet manager you may create new vehicle files for the ordered vehicles at any time. All vehicle-related data can be recorded in a form field. These are, for example, general data, such as license plates, but also leasing contract data, charge and insurance data, as well as vehicle documents.

Perform driver’s license control

The driver’s license control is performed for the first time, when the fleet manager starts to create a vehicle file. After that, the time for the next check (6 months later) will be calculated automatically. The step for the performance of the check will be assigned to the driver automatically. After the expiration of this period the driver receives another notification via e-mail and will be asked to perform the driver's license check.

Report damage or accident

In a separate start step the driver has the possibility to report a damage or accident. Thereby he can enter the time of the damage or accident and upload all related documents. The fleet manager can check the documents and decide, which documents have to be sent to the insurance. He can also insert the claim number and amount of damage in a separate step. These are stored in the database.

Manage traffic tickets

In a separate start step the fleet manager has the possibility to assign traffic tickets or fine notices to drivers. To do so, please simply select the desired driver, upload the relevant documents, and send the step. The uploaded documents will be sent to the driver via e-mail. Additionally, a step is assigned to the driver in which he can confirm that he has paid the traffic tickets. Additionally, the uploaded documents will be stored in a separate archive.

Transmit mileage

The driver can record the current mileage in JobRouter®. After sending the step the mileage of the vehicle is updated in the database. Thereby it can be checked automatically, if it is time for a vehicle inspection or if the agreed mileage of the leasing contract has been observed.

Deregister a vehicle

The solution also supports you with deregistering of a vehicle. You can mark the already completed tasks in a pre-defined to-do list. After selecting the desired vehicle and the completion of all tasks, you can just send the step. The vehicle is then deleted from the fleet.

Vehicle overview

Via a table you can search for vehicles and open the desired vehicle file. This table contains all stored data and documents relating to the respective vehicle.Via a table you can search for vehicles and open the desired vehicle file. This table contains all stored data and documents relating to the respective vehicle.

Your benefits

Digital solution for fleet management

  • Complex processes are simplified
  • Manual transfer of data is no longer necessary
  • More transparency for all involved
  • Important key figures at a glance
  • Central point of contact for all documents
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