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Digital Process Automation For Wide Deployments, Q1 2019

JobRouter® recognized as a Contender

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JobRouter has been ranked among 10 of the most significant providers of digital process automation solutions in the recent Forrester Research evaluation.

JobRouter suits users looking to build a new class of business applications

Most DPA vendors focus on processes that integrate with and leverage existing core systems. JobRouter does that very well, but it also has had significant success in offering a custom alternative to packaged business applications. As a result, its architecture and strategy allow processes to reside entirely within the JobRouter environment with full support for data management, analytics and intelligence, and content and document management and archiving, allowing great agility and straightforward customization. JobRouter touts itself, with proof points, as an alternative to traditional enterprise resource management systems like SAP and Oracle. For small-to-midsize companies that want greater flexibility than mainstream packaged applications can offer, or for those looking to leverage a full-featured platform to extend existing business application investments, JobRouter offers a compelling alternative platform that comes with extensive capabilities to customize as needed.

The Forrester Wave™: Digital Process Automation For Wide Deployments, Q1 2019
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