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JobRouter Partner - Neffe Consulting

System activities for JobRouter: Advancing your own business with tools & system extensions

JobRouter® is a unique digitization platform that digitizes and automates any business process, allowing companies to get started digitally.

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The JobRouter® portfolio as well as the technical offer are constantly expanded, adapted to the latest possibilities and individually supplemented by creative partner solutions.

Thanks to this open and integrative approach, the scalable platform can be extended by individual interfaces and tools. We will be happy to show you how this strategy can help you to remain flexible in your digital work over the long term and to design your business processes efficiently.

In today's world, companies are often faced with the challenge of needing those individual add-ons in order to master their challenges. However, due to the growing shortage of skilled workers and the confusing world of IT offerings, it is not easy to find the right solution for each problem and budget. We provide the interface between the JobRouter® platform solution, exciting third-party enhancements, comprehensive consulting services and technical resources.

Partners are supported and can grow as a result

Neffe Consulting has years of experience in IT consulting and has developed into a full-service provider with a complementary portfolio of solutions and its own connecting tools for content services plus its own development capacities, which can also support JobRouter® partners in their growth.

Document recognition system extends document management functions

For example, processes such as invoice processing as well as processes for HR, finance, sales, marketing, administration and purchasing can be perfectly supplemented with intelligent document recognition software. Neffe Consulting offers the Ancora system for this purpose. This new universal document capture and form processing system is available both on site and in the cloud.

The product is as revolutionary as its name: "Document Understanding". It automatically differentiates between thousands of document types and file formats, enabling the capture, classification, indexing, recognition, data entry and validation of virtually all documents in a company. Over 95% of documents can be captured automatically, reducing time and costs in the enterprise.

Development of system activities for partners

Neffe Consulting makes its personnel capacities and project experience available to other JobRouter® partners for the individual development of system activities such as an (S)FTP system activity.

Talk to us at our booth at the JobRouter® Partner Conference 2019 and we look forward to meeting you!

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