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New Solution Template: Travel Expense Report

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In addition to the business trip application, travel expense accounting is one of the most complex processes for employees: A lot of details and information must be compiled and made available to the company in a comprehensible manner. This includes receipts, invoices, arrival and departure dates, accommodation and meals.

The JobRouter® digitalization platform now offers a ready-to-use process template with digital travel expense accounting, which bundles all information and makes it available to all participating employees and departments in an individual workflow. Invoices and receipts can be captured digitally and processed in the process, while the process automatically reminds of missing information and continues.

Travel Expense Report Features

  •  Information can be taken from the previously completed travel request form
  •  Country-dependent expense calculation for absent days
  •  Receipts can be submitted analogously or digitally
  •  Costs can be split as desired (cost centers)
  •  Indication of the persons being entertained possible
  •  Tip identification
  •  Retrospective conversion of the national currency into euro on the paid day
  •  Mileage flat rates for private cars
  •  Selection of the desired disbursement type
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