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Create your unique digital office with the help of JobRouter® Digital Process Automation

Digital transformation affects the entire company! Your digitization solution should therefore start at exactly this point.

Processes are different in every company, which is why a static solution can never fully meet the requirements for creating a truly digital office. In contrast, the powerful and agile JobRouter® development environment adapts to these conditions. Whether it is the complexity of a process, the varying number of users or version changes - with JobRouter® you can easily define the requirements and implement them in a JobRouter® process. Protect your investments and benefit at the same time from new opportunities through efficient, digital processes.

More than workflow management, more than simple BPM, ECM or DMS

This makes JobRouter® unique

  • Digitization platform that protects your investments and increases efficiency through true digital processes
  • Easily scalable technology with unique application framework
  • Simple, low-code process modeling
  • Maximum flexibility and expandability through licensable modules
  • Central solution for more transparency of processes, documents and data
  • Create multilingual processes across time zones
  • Speed the transformation from analog to digital processes through Solution Templates
  • Integrated, multilingual and audit-proof archive
  • Integrated, efficient master data management

Our pragmatic approach allows rapid project implementation.

JobRouter® is based on standard technologies and the JobRouter® digitization platform is installed centrally on a web server. This has the advantage that standard database systems are used and the user can work with their usual browser. In addition, JobRouter® can be scaled across many servers and can grow with all the requirements of a changing local and mobile workplace - as an on-premise or SaaS license.

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