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Gartner KG relies on JobRouter® digitization platform

More transparency and efficiency thanks to the JobRouter® platform for digitization and automation in logistics.

Gartner KG & JobRouter®

On the road to success

20 locations in 9 countries, 3450 employees worldwide and over 30,000 truck transports per year: This is GARTNER, Austria's leading private transport company.

Before the introduction of the JobRouter® digitization platform, the growing group of companies had to struggle with a great deal of additional work. Invoices with more than 225 pages, up to 1,000 receipts per day and comprehensive mobile device management had to be processed and managed manually. Today, GARTNER benefits from end-to-end digital processes with JobRouter®.

We spoke with the IT, HR, Finance and General Administration departments. JobRouter® is already used for absence, asset and information management and plays a central role in digital invoice processing.

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