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Practical tips - the right way to approach the digitisation and automation of your business processes

Do you want to digitise and automate your business processes and are planning to use software for this purpose? Then our webinar is the right place for you! We will show you how to digitise recurring tasks and processes correctly right from the start and give you practical tips.

Many of our customers face similar challenges at the beginning of their digital journey. In the webinar, we share what we have learned from many years of experience with a wide variety of digitisation projects. Axel Ensinger, Co-CEO of JobRouter AG, has real-world tips ready for use that are guaranteed to help you get started in the world of process automation.

Feel free to prepare your questions. This is a live webinar and we will also address your specific challenges if requested.


Webinar contents

  • Digitising vs. automating business processes
  • Approaches to digitising processes
  • Finding the right solution
  • How to prepare your organisation for digital processes
  • Self-analysis and identifying potential for further development
  • Question and answer session


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