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Dual courses study at JobRouter

One of our students in business informatics tells about her JobLIFE

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It can be challenging to jump between job and study: Our informatics student Tamara explains how the dual course of studies is like at JobRouter.

Profile Tamara Nagler

Name: Tamara Nagler | Studies: Business Informatics / Sales & Consulting, DHBW Mannheim, 4th semester | Position: Dual studies | Student Area: everywhere

That's why I'm at JobRouter.

I was at a business high school with a focus on business administration and computer science. In the

I have chosen further advanced courses in these areas. That's why I realized early on that I wanted to go in a direction that would connect them. A student from the previous year then presented his dual studies. It may have sounded stressful, but I was convinced by the in-depth topics, the practical phases and the prospect of a good salary.

So I went to trade fairs relatively early to find out more and then looked for job advertisements on the Agentur für Arbeit website. JobRouter contacted me directly, so I applied a year before my Abitur.


The application

I had two interviews: the first with a contact person from the HR department and the second with the JobRouter board members. But the interviews were very pleasant. We got to know each other more on a personal level. First I was introduced to the company and then I answered some questions about my CV. A short time later I was accepted. Of course I had some time to think about it, but I accepted immediately and even personally brought the signed contract by.

JobRouter is the perfect mix: familiar and successful

The family environment and young employees simply speak for themselves: I got a permanent contact person who showed me around after the interview and introduced me to some of the employees. I quickly felt like part of the team. JobRouter is a growing company, but just big enough to really get to know all departments. After all, that's what training is all about: making decision-making easier, getting to know your skills and finding out in which area you really want to work.

Dual study means: development, support, application consulting, sales

In a dual course of study, you get to know what you like and can compare your visions of the future with practice at an early stage. At JobRouter AG, it is also possible to spend a semester abroad in a subsidiary and thus improve your English or French skills, for example.



At first I was in development. There I got a first insight into databases, HTML and CSS, as well as PHP and JavaScript and shortly after I took over my own project: An interface to manage language constants. Most of it I learned new, but I already knew HTML and CSS from school. In this project I was able to network and apply everything directly. My mentor Andreas helped me and always gave me feedback.

The work with Scrum was new and unusual. We had daily dailies, i.e. small meetings in which the tasks for the day and the status quo were discussed. Everything is flexible and is adapted with the progress of the development, you have to be able to get involved.

Support and sales

In support I wrote my first project work about ticket processing. Therefore I connected the software for our telephone system to the support portal. That was a challenge, but these small projects also helped me a lot. I was able to work with different systems and learn more about user experience and customer care. That was exciting.

In sales, I learned how to sell the product and how to make it more visible. At JobRouter, this includes the strong partner business as well as customer appointments and marketing measures. It was great that I was not only able to participate in the partner conference, but was also actively involved. I liked the customer and partner contact and the trade fair visits were also very exciting. We were allowed to attend CeBIT and solved some interdisciplinary tasks there.

Application Consulting

That's why I'm also looking forward to my involvement in application consulting, because then I can bring both worlds together. In customer projects, I combine a sales-oriented, communicative approach with my IT knowledge. I can immediately see how my team's work improves the efficiency of our clients' business capabilities. I find that particularly interesting.

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