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Intelligent invoice recognition

Say goodbye to added manual work thanks to intelligent document recognition

Say goodbye to tedious tasks and benefit from better traceability and security in digital Accounts Payable processing.

Digital Accounts Payable invoice processing. This includes multi-channel input/output, digital invoice verification and, if necessary, modification and audit-proof archiving with Audit Trail. Even today, documents such as incoming invoices are recorded manually and transferred to the digital system for subsequent manual verification. This is time consuming, burdens resources needlessly and can cause high costs.

Reduce manual effort, enable true digital invoice processing and keep costs transparent with the JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Platform.

JobOrder Match - Intelligent 3-way matching

The JobOrder Match module allows matching items on incoming invoices to items of a purchase order or goods receipt. The module is an assignment dialog that is able to work with heading and line-item data recognized by OCR systems.

The items are matched according to their goods receipt number, goods receipt item, order number, order item, amount and individual price. Discrepancies in price or amount are marked respectively. Calculating the net totals of items and verifying them with the invoice head amounts is possible. The required data has to be provided by the ERP system of the customer in a predefined form.

JobMind Head - Automatic readout of invoice information

JobMind Head automatically reads out all header data of an invoice and transfers the determined data directly to a JobRouter® process. Information such as invoice number, invoice date, order number and invoice amounts are determined.

JobMind Head works out-of-the-box: The module contains a system activity that you can integrate into any process. You don't have to train it before use, nor do you have to create complex templates for each supplier.

Connect JobMind to your digital archive

 Invoice verification via Jobmind Head
Invoice verification via Jobmind Head

In addition, the invoicing party can be determined automatically and assigned to a supplier from an existing master database (e.g. ERP system). This recipient recognition and assignment is possible even with several clients.

In conjunction with the JobArchive module, index data can be generated simultaneously. These provide the input for indexing a document during archiving.

Of course, it can happen that invoices are not 100 percent correctly recognized by the intelligent document reader. The user-friendly JobRouter® interface makes it easy to quickly and easily check, verify, change or query invoices.

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