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JobRouter® & DASL

JobRouter® Student Registration & Parent Portal Integrates Enrollment Data

Almost every school district faces the challenge of managing a mountain of paper with inefficient manual procedures. JobRouter gives K-12 Schools the power to easily and quickly convert any paper-based or manual procedure into a user-friendly automated process that can be integrated with many other systems such as the School's Student information System (SIS) or finance applications.

JobRouter Student Registration and Parent Portal seamlessly integrates with leading student information systems (SIS) such as DASL - ProgressBook. The significant time, costs and resources that are recovered can be re-dedicated to better serve students and parents.

Integrating data both ways and with other workflows:

Integrating JobRouter workflows with the applications your staff use every day such as Microsoft Office and your other business systems can free your staff to spend more time on strategic activities and less time searching for and manually entering information. Integrating existing student information from your SIS or state databases into your JobRouter workflows and forms means improved productivity and fewer errors. 

JobRouter® meets changing requirements

While K-12 Schools share many common practices, regulatory requirements, and goals, each can have very different priorities, pressures and plans for transforming their operational and administrative processes. JobRouter was designed to easily adapt to the unique needs of any School or District.

  • Success Story

    Online Student Registration Portal

    A Midwest School District with over 4,000 students used JobRouter to streamlines their student registration and annual updates. Parents and staff are happy and so are the students.

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